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About Alternative Recycling Systems

Founded in 1996, Alternative Recycling Systems was established on the premise that the vast majority of recyclable products were being discarded with the daily trash. At that time, the waste removal industry was dominated by large national waste companies that lacked the services and focus of a local and environmentally conscious service provider. With Alternative Recycling Systems, co-founders Patrick Kennedy and Amy Gilburg set out to make a difference by providing an alternative to disposing of recyclables in the daily trash.

With funding from a local bank, Kennedy and Gilburg purchased and modified a 1968 International truck which made it possible to begin to get the business underway and begin efforts to increase local recycling. The first couple of years were slow going and very part-time, but a few key local businesses were instrumental in helping to maintain optimism. The Northampton Brewery, Hampshire Property Management Group, Hampton Court Apartments, A2Z Science and Learning Store and several others were on board from close to day one. The Northampton Brewery's interest in organics recycling helped facilitate the purchase of a second (not so young) truck at which point both feet were now in the water. By 1998 Alternative Recycling Systems began operating as a full waste service company, never losing focus of its recycling roots, hence the tag line: ''We like to RECYCLE...but we’ll take your TRASH too!”

Although in 2001, Amy Gilburg went on to pursue other fulfilling and successful business interests in leadership training, Patrick Kennedy continues the Alternative Recycling Systems mission. In addition to efforts toward environmental conservation Alternative Recycling Systems has supported the local community with its charitable giving and donation of services. Alternative Recycling Systems presently operates a fleet of over fifteen vehicles and provides comprehensive waste, recycling, and composting services throughout the Pioneer Valley and the surrounding areas.
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Why Choose Alternative Recycling Systems?

No National Waste companies are headquartered in Massachusetts, and you'll be hard pressed to speak directly to someone knowledgeable of your particular account.

Our fuel surcharges will never exceed 5% (currently @ 3.00%) and no other "add-on" charges will apply. National competitors currently "add-on" 10%-15% fuel surcharges, approximately 10% environmental fees, plus an administrative fee for a total or more than 20% over the base service price.

Alternative Recycling Systems annual rate adjustment for 2015 is only 1.5%. National competitors annual rate adjustments are as much as 6%.

Giving Back to Our Community

Since our inception in 1996, we have been giving back to the community through donations and sponsorship.

To name a few:
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Hampshire County
  • Cancer Connection
  • Toy for Joy
  • Hilltown Community Development
  • WGBY-Earthday
  • Eric Carle Museum of Picture Art Work
  • Five Star Building-Dakin Gold Tournament
  • Local schools and many more
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