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Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does My Trash or Recycling Need to Be Out?

Please put trash and / or recycling out by 6:30 AM, or put it out the night before your scheduled garbage pickup. Learn more by calling Alternative Recycling Systems.

What Time Does My Driver Come by My Area?

Our schedules can be affected by many factors, including unexpected road work, weather issues, reorganized routing, etc. It is best to put your trash and / or recycling out by 6:30 AM on the scheduled day of pickup.

How Does a Holiday Change My Collection Schedule?

Generally, residential customers are only affected by a major holiday that lands on their collection day. Other days during a holiday week are not affected.
Using Thanksgiving as an example:
  • If your trash or recycling is normally picked up on Tuesday, there would be no change
  • If your trash or recycling is normally picked up on Thursday, we would collect it on Friday, unless we otherwise notify you
  • Major holidays include New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

How Do You Notify Me of Changes in the Collection Schedule?

  • If it is necessary to collect the trash and recycling on a different day, we'll contact you using the information you provided when opening an account with us
  • You can specify whether you would like a phone call or an email. If you provide an email, we'll use that as the default method to inform you of schedule changes
  • Whenever feasible, we'll also publish emergency changes on our Facebook page as well as on our home page here

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