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Open Top Container Service
Extra Charge / Banned Waste Items


  • For household clean-outs, construction and renovation debris is limited to under 15% of the total volume
  • Recyclables (i.e. mixed paper, glass, plastic and metal) are allowed but must be less than 15% of the volume and needs to be placed in container last or on top)

Items Not Allowed in the Container

  • Fluorescent bulbs or fixtures
  • Hazardous waste: i.e. paints, stains, thinners, chemical solutions, asbestos-containing materials, nothing liquefied, etc.
  • Leaf or yard waste (must be handled separately)
  • Bricks or concrete (must be handled separately)
  • Wood must not be greater than 4” diameter or longer than 8’

Extra Charge Items Must Be Sorted and Placed in the Container Last and / or on Top of the Container

  • Scrap metal: must be put in last / on top. There is no charge for scrap metal items
  • Examples: Lawn mowers (gas & oil must be removed), bed frames, filing cabinets, gas grills, bikes, etc.

Call for Pricing

  • Televisions and computer monitors
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Freon items (refrigerators, freezers, AC units, dehumidifiers)
  • Propane Tanks (20#)
  • Tires: (passenger tires only up to 18”) specify on or off rim
  • Car batteries
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